About JHNet Web Development

JHNet is a team of multi-skilled and focused people, from strategic marketing development, through experienced art direction, to skilled web programming, development, hosting, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website maintenance. Having the creative and strategic skills from conventional marketing disciplines, we are uniquely positioned to provide an exclusive service in electronic media. In this regard, our focus lies in providing effective strategic and creative solutions for any web-oriented work, and at the same time offering cost-efficient maintenance options as well as conventional marketing to support and promote this work. The combination of conventional graphic design experience and internet knowledge allows us to offer a web design service that not only meets the design requirements of the internet, but also provides innovative solutions to the intricate coding and web application issues encountered on the Internet.

With over 14 years experience in this industry, JHNet is able to provide a strategic partner to solve all your online and interactive needs. Whether you require a new website designed, developed,hosted or just managed effectively, JHNet have the necessary skills and track record to assist your company.

JHNet also develops full Web Content Management Systems, Internet Applications, Company Intranets, Bulk e-mailers, as well as many custom web applications.

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