Our History

JHNet has been a long time coming with the groundwork being set in place since 1993.

Let there be light

Let there be light

JHDesign, run by James Hemphill, was created in 1993 to provide a variety of clients with a fairly diverse range of services. From the formation of presentation material, design of corporate identity, billboards, brochures, newsletters, mailers and posters - to sophisticated multi-media launches.

Over time, the JHDesign Studio had evolved in step with technological developments in the design industry.

Web design and development was a natural extension to conventional design services and since 1997 JHDesign had been developing the skills that were required to offer full internet service to existing, as well as new clients.

Adding fuel to the fire

Adding fuel to the fire

In 2002, Beni Angel joined the fold to look after the ever-growing web site development and maintenance requirements JHDesign's clients required.

Over the next couple of years, his enthusiasm, excitement and passion for the web industry became apparent and with his background and solid programming methodology and understanding, he was able to grow the service offerings that JHDesign could provide to their clients.

Planting a seed

Planting a sead

In 2004, a new entity was created and JHNet Web Development was officially born.

At that stage, Beni was the only person manning the fort, but seeing as he had 26 hours in the day JHNet continued to offer a fantastic product and service to our clients.

With the backing of a large hosting company, JHNet began to extend its service offering to the full range of email and website hosting solutions to complement the website developments that were taking place.

In 2008, JHNet purchased our own Dell Hosting Servers and began to set up their own fully controlled server hosting infrastructure to assist with the every growing custom needs of our clients.

Taking off

Taking off

Most would have thought that in 2009 JHNet would have hit a speed wobble with the rest of the world when the recession hit, but like all other situations, JHNet was able to roll with the punches and implemented a business strategy that allowed JHNet to thrive and increase our client base and increase our staff count.

Since 2010, JHNet Web Development services has been offering a full range of in-house hosted services, custom development, outsource website management, maintenance, bulk email and search engine optimization.

We are extremely excited as to what success in the next few years will bring JHNet but we hope you will be along for the ride.

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