Why JHNet

JHNet Web Development offers you a hands-on professional service. No job is too big or too small and we put in the same effort for doing basic site updates as we would to developing a custom built web application.

Our staff are always contactable, always professional and always there to assist in whatever is needed.

One stop shop

One stop shop

You need not have any fears of having to deal with different people and different companies saying, "It isn't a problem on my side, it's the other person" because JHNet offers all these services under 1 roof. Whether it is a new website, website updates, website and email hosting, bulk emails or Search Engine Optimization you will only ever have to call one place to get the issues or requests actioned.

Having been born from a design agency, JHNet Web Development have the neccessary understanding of both aesthetic designs as well as what will work and what won't work in the online arena.

You can also be assured that the design you sign off will be the design and look of the site you receive once it has been developed.

Experienced Staff


With a solid understanding of programming techniques and methodologies, we are able to offer basic website solutions all the way to advanced online web applications. We are able to turn many offline tasks into a quick and easy online process that saves you time and money.

We have been involved in a wide range of clients and projects and have the practical experience to be able to offer the best solution to meet your needs.

Our team is always willing and able to assist you with any questions or problems you may have.

Wide range of expertise


Our staff are able to program in various languages including ASP.Net, ASP Classic, PHP, Visual Basic, Java and Coldfusion, but we feel our most valuable assets are that we are able to adapt to any situation and any circumstance to be able to meet your requirements.

We are able to develop a new website in any preferred platform / language as well as take over existing projects that you may require assistance on. Whether the current company cannot assist you further or it isn't working correctly or as required, JHNet is able to come in, investigate the issues, offer quality advice and possible solutions, and then work on addressing these issues to allow you to turn your project from where it is into where you want it to be.

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