Mobi Sites

With our ever changing markets and more and more people using their smartphones and cellphones to access the internet each company and website needs to be optimised for all PC, Mobile, Laptop and tablet. To be competitive in this market it is crucial to have an online presence that is optimised for mobile devices and physical machines.

JHNet MOBI Site Services

JH specialises in developing single systems with full custom MOBI and Web presence built into 1 solution. No need to get different development studios to work on each and end up with 2 disconnected systems that both don’t work really well.

At the moment there are interesting debates between MOBI sites and Mobile Apps. The only time a MOBILE app is needed is when you wish to keep data and functionality offline. With data increasingly becoming cost effective and most smartphone users being always on we feel that a MOBI site is better.

The reason for this is that MOBI sites solve the problems that Apps have, which are:

  1. Phone dependant
  2. Need versions of the APP for 4 different major operating systems
  3. Each time there is an upgrade on a specific operating system you need to redevelop and spend more in keeping your application working

MOBI sites are excellent choices for the following reasons:

  1. They work on any smartphone
  2. Dynamically work on all mobiles, ipads, tablets, etc
  3. With a central system both the website and MOBI site integrate into 1 database system
  4. Avoid having to manage 2 different content systems in 2 different platforms

All sites that JH develop always will work on all mobiles and ipads but JH also specialises in developing MOBI sites. Our MOBI sites integrate seamlessly into the website infrastructure so that the user experience is the same and the MOBI site works just as well as the full site. It is important for the development company you chose to know and understand the differences between websites and MOBI sites as well as how the users behave and what they expect from the 2 different mediums. Our MOBI sites are built for optimum MOBI use and dynamically scales to fit IPODS, IPADS, Different Tablets, Smart phones and websites.

If you require some assistace, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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