IRBA - Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors

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  • IRBA

Client Since:

  • May 2009

Services Offered

IRBA are one of the most prominent names in South Africa for auditing and auditing standards.

Taking charge of maintenance and development for this site, JHNet strive to provide the necessary information as accurately and timeously as on a website which needs just that.

Daily updates to the website keeps the content up-to-date, making this accurate and reliable for the companies professional image they wish to project giving them excellent online presense.

IRBA used to release their exam results on their site, however this would cause the site and system to crash due to overloading. JHNet have since built a platform that allows the IRBA to release their exam results by providing a solution that is stable, quick and doesn't have any impact on their own main website. You can view IRBA Learning online here.

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