E-Book Conversion

The trend at the moment is to turn your PDF or printed brochure into an online interactive eBook. These eBooks (sometimes referred to as flipping books, paging books, or interactive magazines) are an aesthetically pleasing manner to display brochures, magazines and other online publications. JHNet will convert PDF and DOC files to an online web-book that can be viewed in any browser and on mobile devices. Flipping books allow users to turn pages in a natural fashion giving online material a familiar and appealing feeling.

Whilst some companies are only now offering these to their Clients, JHNet has been working with this technology since 2006 and has amounted experience and best practice techniques to ensure you get the best out your digital book.

JH can develop standalone solutions as well as integrate an e-Bookinto an existing flash or web application.

Below are some of the features our services can offer.

PDF optimization


JH will ensure that the PDF is optimized to give the user the best quality at the best size possible. Our technology we use also allows these PDF’s to be downloadable for reading offline as well.

Mobile Friendly on all platforms


eBooks are compatible and optimized for all mobile platforms including iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Table of Contents


eBooks are easily navigatable with their dynamic table of contents.



Online publications are ubiquitously available and easy to share.

Google Analytics Integration


eBooks record page views and other usage data by implimenting Google Analytics.



eBooks not only look like the real things but also sound like them, adding to the user experience.



eBook content is dynamic and searchable, further adding to its ease of use.

Google indexable


eBooks can be analyzed by Google and content will be findable to anyone who is looking.



JH have also integrated our software into secure sites to allow the client peace of mind that only authorised visitors are looking at the eBook

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