Web Application Development

JHNet is well-versed in developing web applications that drive our client's success. We will provide you with the necessary tools, allowing you to focus on your business, not your applications - knowing you have a dependable system to back you.

Content Management Systems ( CMS)


Content management has become vital for quick and easy additions, or changes to your website. We will provide you with a user friendly solution to maintain your website content, without having to learn any technical jargon.

Custom Content Management Development


A custom developed content management system will enable you to specify which functionality you require for your website or web application. This will allow you to have full control over the content that is available to the public.

Enterprise Content Management ( ECM)

ECM systems enable institutions to manage their workflow, data and records, as well as electronic documents. This will reduce costs and increase efficiency for your company. You will also be empowered to keep your website content up to date and relay important information to your target market. From a small company to a large enterprise, we can create a state of the art content management system according to your specifications and requirements, giving you the tools needed to grow your business.

Web Content Management ( WCM)

Web Content Management

If you have any kind of web presence, you will need a simple and cost effective way to add new content to your website or blog.

In the manner which the World Wide Web has changed, it has become imperative to keep your website up to date with fresh, new content. Whether you have a small personal website, or blog, you will need a method to add this content without knowing any scripting languages. JHNet will develop a custom Web Content System that is functional, cost effective and easy to use. You may specify the functionality you require, and we will deliver the system with everything you need - without those technical, unmanageable utilities you never use – thus saving you time and money.

Existing Content Management Systems


JHNet is able to enhance any current systems that are in place. If you would like to add new features and more functionality to your existing content management system, whether it is a custom system, or open source, like Joomla! or WordPress, we will enrich it for you.

Client Relations Management ( CRM)

Client Relations Management

It has become vital for any enterprise – small or large – to be able to access information on their website's performance and usage. A CRM system permits you to track, amongst other information, which pages are most visited, when there is a peak in traffic as well as the time a user spends on your site.

When all of this data is combined, and analysed, it will give you a power tool to gauge your target market. This proves to be especially useful when reviewing marketing campaigns and the implementation thereof.

JHNet will develop a system with accurate data collection, according to your specifications and requirements, enabling you to initiate successful marketing campaigns. We will also customize and enhance your current CRM to extend its functionality.



All our intranet systems are custom developed to meet your specific needs. With a customized intranet system you will be enabled to effectively improve workflow, internal communication, document control, staff details, leave management, sales, events, meetings etc.

An intranet system developed by us is effective, reliable and user friendly and in return reduces admin costs and saves your business money, time and frustration.

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Web Application Development


If you require a specific web-based system to grow and promote your business or personal website, JHNet has the solution for you.

Custom Web Application Development


With over 8 years' experience in custom web application development, JHNet will provide a solution that is simple yet effective and cost effective. From third party data integration, such as Twitter and Facebook to simple admin systems, no application is too small or too intricate for us.

Existing Web Application Systems


If your requirements and expectations are outweighing your current web-based application, we will enhance it and add any custom functionality you may need.

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